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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Japan Post: Kamakura

I'm gonna label culture related Japan posts now :P
This is belated but a group of us went to Kamakura few weeks ago,
so here's the post for it lol

*warning: P3 ( Picture-Packed-Post)

Kamakura Station! Little over an hour from Tokyo? I forget. 

Little Statue of the Big Buddha at the station

It was kinda raining, but we decided to take bikes and ride around anyways.
It ended up hardly raining at all.

Bike Rental

I rented a Electric Bike. My first time riding one, it's sooo awesome XD

Off we go.

This street ended up being a Race Track


Nice Old looking town

First stop: Daibutsu, Big Buddha 

Parkin our bikes

At bicycle parking lol

entrance gate

some other gate

Mac washing his hands

My ticket in. Apparently they gave me a different ticket cause I asked in Japanese.
I'll try English next time XD

Big Buddha is big.

Really BIG.

Incense burning.

inside the thingy

Side Buddha

Merchandise stand

Windows on the back??

Seems like you can go IN to this huge Buddha, for 20yen. Anyone got two dimes?

Lets goooo


Its hollow inside.

Some plates.

And info.

The windows from inside. 
Theres not too much but if you visit Kamakura you should try going in, its cheap.

The Grand Toilet

More gift stands.


Look! Triforces!! Lets go here!

We took a wrong path XD

first, Hase-dera temple.


These places all have an entrance fee >_> well, they're more like nice gardens so its worth it.


Pretty ponds~


Feet! ...?

More places to clean ur hands

Not many papers tied here. Maybe the omikuji is all good luck lol


Massive statue surrounded by mini-me's

Army of Statues

huge army.

Wonder how long it takes to make one of these...?

yeah, lots.



More Incense burnin

Temple under construction lol

Nice view from up here.

BEWARE OF......Kites?

Silly Temple Cat.

More FEET.


This cat was stretching, rolled over and fell off the bench XD
it was uber cute.


Wish Plates, 500 yen each.


Into a cave...

Cave in a cave...


and kinda creepy...

but you are greeted by an army of mini figures :3

Lots of em

Souvenir shop. Seems like they sell swords. hmm

And to our next stop-

here we were supposed to turn left, but kept going straight, leading to a dead end hill.

but we found our way back



This photo shouldn't exist, no photography was allowed here :p whoops.

It was a short visit. But onwards we go~

We strolled along the beach.

Not the best of days for a swim, kinda glomy. But some people were jet skiing o.o

"Salty Dogs" XD


Crossing the tracks

Another Cave to enter...?

It lead to another temple.




Lotso fish :3

The Triangles are everywhere...


Here too.

This looks like something straight out of Zelda.

Apparently you wash your money here.

Reimu decides to pop out of my bag :3

She fits in this setting pretty nicely.

Wheeee <3
Gift Stand, lotsa good luck charms and stuff.

Triforce goods lol


I wonder what this stage was for anyways...

Rickshaw!! We didn't ride but, eh.

I dunno what this says.

Long road to our final destination.

Modern style donburi restaurant??

Thats a lot of Lily pads...or whatever they are.

Whats thissss

Looks like a bunch of pictures on display... Many Artworks,
probably for a festival to take place later that night...

Some very nice art

Meow <3




Bottom Temple...

I think those are Sake barrels?

The big stairs to the top Temple

And the usual goods shop temple

Oh look, Omikuji vending machines! Get your fortune quick and easy!

They have a nice line up it seems.

up we go!

Snap Snap Snap

The view is pretty cool from high up here.

Deja Vu. Another goods stand.

Oh look. A cluster of bad luck. Maybe those vending machines aren't so forgiving.

Secluded little Shrine.

We heard some Higurashi Crying... it set an eery mood >_>;;

Lets get outta here.

Sacred tree, or something.

Well that pretty much covered our one day trip.

I don't think I've visited so many temple shrines and stuff in one day.
We went back to Daiba where some of our group was staying.

Ramen for supper. Nice way to end the day :D

And the Daiba Statue of Liberty. huh.

Had fun, Ron, Koko, Mac, and John! XD

Whew. God this blog post took forever. and I still have more to blog about >< lol
tune in for my next ones~ cya!

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