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Thursday, November 12, 2009



please tell me I'm not dreaming.

So one final attempt to find out if I made it or not-
I used the Comiket's "Circle registration information and information retrieval systems"
at circle.ms

...wait, I couldn't have, since I never got that darn postcard in the mail that has my confirmation number on it.

The form required four things as a password-
the confirmation number, the registered phone number, my birthday, and my registration number. The other three I had. So what'd I do?

I GUESSED. EVERY painful number between 1000-6000 (actually I figured out it was only up to 1619- or around so by using the "that is an invalid confirmation code" message and "you've entered the wrong information for your confirmation code" message.)
I learned somewhere that the first three digits were the genre code I choose.
yeah I know. but i had a RIGHT to do it. and it was WORTH EVERY MINUTE.
now I need to make sure to get that packet of WIN delivered to me NO MATTER WHAT.

anyways- here's the proof-


therefore I WILL (do what ever it takes to) BE AT COMIC MARKET 77


At the "テ" BLOCK TABLE 33A

Featuring Touhou and Original works :D :D :D

(man what a 360 that situation made)

I would be crying right now if my body weren't in such a disbelief mode.

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