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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hey! wanna have your art in a NY gallery? + VN pro

APW gallery in New York is doing a "call for submissions" event
called "Sketch it out" Which is asking any and all artist around the world
to participate. Whats cool about this?- Sign up, and you're guarenteed 5 pieces
into the gallery for the event. ^^ I thought about it a bit then I was like,
"why shouldn't I?" It's a great chance to have your art seen, in a gallery no less o.o

Well the sign up price is $50 for 5 pieces max, the deadline is the 28th.
EDIT: You can also put your 5 pieces up to sell at the gallery too :D So your work wont just be for show ^^
go here for details:

...there's actually a laundry list of contests I've built up to enter..wahhh

other news:
I have been working on a (kinetic) Visual Novel! I'm making "Can't just Add Water" (thats the short story I wrote, You've seen my Allison character in my gallery) in to a visual novel~ well, actually I'm almost done! Just a few more sprites to spice it up, couple back grounds and the CG's. i got all the coding and typing crap done ^^
If you're a good friend of mine I may share a WIP.... or I'll post some WIP images up soon.

I have 4 weeks left in the quarter, My demo is right about finished being animated. Once I finish that I'll post a rough animation video here or on youtube and then start on the inking and coloring and effects and whatever else.


Oh, I'm going to megacon! Coming? Comment! See you there!!

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