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Thursday, January 29, 2009

End of January- list of projects :D

Well, its almost February and feels like I've been doing a ton of work, but it feels like I havent even gotten close to what I had to do.

Like, I've only done two Li updates. Or was it one? ><;;;

Its hard to be a creative overflowing with ideas.

ANyways what I HAVE been working on-

My Demo Reel- A high pace 1 minute animtion- full colored. so far- er, 5% done? overall. about 15% of animation done. Gotta get going on it this weekend.

New 2009 Comic Project Pending Title: "世界で一番悲しい歌"
er, the translation makes it sound cheesy so I'll choose an english title soon.
But what it is- its gonna be a Japanese stand alone comic- Three chapters total, approx 20-30 pages per chapter (very rough estimate).
WEll I'm not gonna give anything away yet, but its gonna be a comic I want to publish either by myself or by some other means. I may post previews or the first chapter up, but I want this to be a print comic existance ^^
My goal right now is 2 pages per day which I have been keeping up for the most part.
...I dont know why I think of these ridiculous projects when my hands are already so full.

and uhh commissions and side projects and other stuff.

I ran out of stuff to write, so I'll end here :3


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