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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Night in Shibuya Day after Earthquake

SUp gang, Kxela here from Tokyo- Wanna let you guys know I'm fine :P The earthquake was a magnitude of 3 to 4 in the Tokyo area, so there was some mild to strong shakes during the first strike. There were I hear well over 50 aftershocks, of which at least 20 of them I felt. All of them were for the most part small shakes. Made this vlog last night:

Well, for most of the day the aftershocks continued, at around 5 things seemed to have settled. As much as I worried all day and kept of with the news- Staying home is a terrible time waster, so I decided to head out.
I met up with fellow figure.fm comrade Rurouni Heero, who, I intended to meet up with yesterday but our plans were pretty much crushed by the earthquake. The halting of public transportation and evacuations made it impossible yesterday. Heck, I was at work and had to walk home for two hours, 8km/5miles in distance.
Tonight things seemed to have calmed and we chilled and hung out in Shibuya.
Surprising yet also understandably- for a Saturday night Shibuya Center Gai was absolutely empty compared to a normal weekend.

Took a time lapse of the usually crowded Shibuya crossing. You can tell there was a fewer amount of people than usual:

We did some shopping, chillaxed at starbucks, hit up some games at arcades, and ended the night with some nice drinks.

...and I got to buy shonen jump early today :P Had an awesome time, planning to hang out some more later this month.
The convenience stores all had their premade food and bread type foods sold out everywhere:

Also...I was told not to film stuff from the Starbucks window but uh... I was able to do it "discreetly" using my conveniently sized bic camera bag as you can see in the pics. I felt like I was setting up a spy cam :P lol

I was able to enjoy a Starbucks Seasonal "Sakura Latte"
Latte flavored with Sakura I guess.

Yes, even the always packed Center Gai was rather quiet:

But none-the-less, there were still people walking around.

This gives a good picture of the emptiness:

Buddy I met online, Rurouni Heero walking ahead of me :)
We share a common first name it seems.
Poor dude being a visitor and having to experience that Earthquake...

We ended the night at a nice bar with cool food and drinks-

The trains were running even late, it's not uncommon to see tons of people at that time but:

Again, the trains were pretty empty too.

All in all, it was a good way to relieve the worries and stress of the last few days.
Please all pray and support the people who have had a much worse time than us- those in Miyagi and Sendai who were struck the hardest. Don't worry about us in Tokyo, we were merely inconvenienced compared to those guys in the north. Stay strong Japan, may you all be safe...

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